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At QataCorps, we specialize in crafting engaging and professional video content tailored for YouTube and Facebook channels. From concept development to final production, we bring your brand to life with captivating visuals and compelling storytelling.


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Our Mission

“At QataCorps, our mission is to empower aspiring YouTubers by providing comprehensive support services including scriptwriting, voiceover, video editing, thumbnail creation, and account management. We strive to enhance the content creation journey, enabling creators to achieve their goals with excellence and ease.”

Our History





Business Consulting (350+ Start-ups)

Why clients are now our friends ?

  • We’re familiar with millions of paths you shouldn’t take
  • We have a history of a thousand guaranteed failures
  • We know how to prevent/recover emotional decisions
  • We know numerous shortcuts that nobody else could ever imagine
  • We have a thorough understanding of Google and YouTube policies
  • We have a team that’s both inventive and laid-back, always finding alternatives
  • We’ll differentiate between creating and generating 

Script & Content (1500+ Clients)

Why intellectuals can’t deny our scripts ?

  • We conduct thorough research to gather extensive data
  • We originate references from credible sources
  • We visualize the story while writing the script to finalize the screenplay
  • Our writers consist of professors, teachers, and literature specialists
  • We craft interactive scripts that engage with the audience
  • We adhere to an outline, draft, proofreading, and quality control process to create scripts
  • We write scripts compatible with production, YouTube, and ads

Audio & Voiceover (1300+ Clients)

Why your task becomes our responsibility ?

  • We offer cost-effective & affordable voiceover services
  • We deliver accurate & noise-free voiceover services
  • We offer high-quality, professionally recorded voiceover services (Studio Set-up)
  • We offer competitively priced voiceover services tailored to your budget (Home Set-up)
  • We utilize professional-grade hardware to ensure optimal voice output
  • Our VO artists are adept at on-screen reading, ensuring flawless delivery of output
  • We employ advanced sound engineering techniques to achieve crystal-clear VO

Video Production (1600+ Clients)

Why our clients says “It’s Worthy” ?

  • Our editing process ensures that your monetization remains unaffected
  • We conduct our editing through a three-step verification process
  • We select content that is either copyright-free or falls under fair use for our editing
  • We proactively avoid using content from channel partners
  • We have a dedicated team for copyright and community conflict resolution
  • Our well-compensated editors are highly skilled in understanding complex scripts
  • We maintain multiple subscriptions for stock images and footage

Thumbnail Design (2000+ Clients)

You can trust that” We are the best

  • We choose images that accurately represent your video content
  • Our thumbnail effectively communicates the video’s message
  • Our team consistently prioritizes HD thumbnails to align with YouTube’s algorithm
  • We avoid utilizing content that could negatively impact your monetization
  • Our expert team is vigilant in preventing clickbait activities.
  • We strategically position text and images to prevent overlapping
  • Yes ..our thumbnails are CTA

Account Management (900+ Clients)

We have a dedicated technical team for it

  • We curate a tailored portfolio for your YouTube channel
  • We meticulously craft and optimize metadata for your account
  • We meticulously optimize titles, descriptions, and keywords to enhance SEO performance
  • We ensure your profile is updated in accordance with platform policies and guidelines
  • We effectively manage and derive insights and statistics from YouTube analytics
  • We offer professional content management and profiling services for descriptions
  • We proficiently manage tags and hashtags to enhance reach